Core Promise: a simple driver of high performance

I recently read Diamandis and Kotler’s Abundance: the Future is Better than you Think: a delightful account of diverse entrepreneurs stepping up to many of humanity’s greatest challenges. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, I recommend it for a great rush of optimism and a clarion call.

In the wake of their book, I took the challenge of upping my own contribution. I believe that organizations have a big role to play in creating a world that’s safe for our progeny. We're in a resource crisis, and something fundamental has to change at the enterprise level.

Here Core Promiseis a method I have used for years: a simple model for driving Stakeholder value with far less resource. I hope you will find this eBook both challenging and useful, and if so, that you will help me get it out to forward-thinkers looking to be a bigger part of the solution.

Many thanks to the generous colleagues who helped wring the model from inside my skin to make it accessible. Blessed are they who live in a learning community.

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