Twitter's controversy continues

Fascinating - more marketing experts chattering about Twitter - nay-sayers now focusing on "poor retention rate".  At least one commnentator noted that so many people who use Twitter don't go through the website - they use other apps like Tweetdeck - that we really have no idea what the retention rate is.
Am I the only one wondering at the energy being invested around putting Twitter down?     
This Business Anthropologist will stick with the bet that Twitter represents an innovation whose impact is yet to be measured - we don't yet know how to measure it.    Maybe someone will come up with a new metric for total energy focus -- to include, one might hope, people developing new applications, new actions,  new terminology... and new criticisms.

04 May09:49

I think most people who

By Janet Johnson (not verified)

I think most people who abandon Twitter do so upon signing up. The "what do I do next?" question is often too hard to answer for folks who have little time and passing interest.

I'll take your bet - the innovations yet to be measured on Twitter are enormous. I can't wait to experience them as they evolve.

01 May14:38

Yes, it's getting tiring to

By ellen hoenig carlson (not verified)

Yes, it's getting tiring to read all the continuous chatter and work to prove that twitter won't make money or isn't going to be as big as facebook! Does it matter if twitter appeals to a different or smaller segment than facebook but one that finds it a powerful way to engage, stay fresh, and learn?

One thing is for sure-- there will be a new invention in the future-- but for right now, Twitter is to be reckoned with…and new metrics will be invented to better understand its value across a # of domains e.g. influence, sentiment, speed of learning, relationship building/intimacy, customer response time, awareness etc… beyond the simple retention measurement that Nielsen is now reporting at 40%.

I believe Twitter is also going to have a growing impact on the discipline of marketing and the skills that marketers need to sharpen to be able to play in 21st century marketing...

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