Immune to Change?

One of the toughest parts of leading is the amount of change facing an enterprise: economic, social, climatic, political, demographic, technological. It can feel like an assault, and typically it feels like it’s ‘out there’. That’s part of the problem.

There are many reasons why it’s hard for businesses to change appropriately in response, and many factors to address grasping the challenges of current business fitness and getting in shape for change. Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey take a cognitive tack in their book, Immunity to Change, providing a practical model and a nice set of examples. Executives are invited to illuminate the hidden commitments that are opposing their good intentions, and preventing them from realizing desired objectives. Armed with this information, they can revisit objectives and action plans, making them more effectively.

It’s well researched, well-written, and well worth a read.

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