Initial reflections January ‘09

I began my consulting practice in 1980, after an 18 month sabbatical.  Rested and thinking about going back to work, I noticed how many of the smart, educated, innovative people I knew were struggling.  Not satisfied with what they viewed as their opportunities.  Depressed or teetering close to it.  (Know anyone who's feeling that way??)

As an Anthropologist, I saw this as a dangerous pattern:  society needs its best and brightest to be enthused about tackling challenges; business needs its best and brightest engaged in the trenches.

And I want to live in the world that those people create with their best work.

So – as only a babyboomer would do - I created The BestWork® People to make all that possible.  28 years later – and at least 3 years behind – I’m launching this blog as a forum for all of us who know that:

  • Commerce is as old as the first human community
  • Exchanging is essential to the way people thrive together – and a glorious opportunity for service and innovation
  • Commerce has to serve human beings, not the other way around
  • Our work has to make a difference that matters to us.

As I write this first blog entry, the Industrial Age dinosaurs of the 20th century are dying.  Some don't know it yet; for some who do, it’s a frightening specter.  To me and many other,  it’s a moment of opportunity.  Jean Houston calls it Jump Time.  I agree; it's like the time -  around 65 million years ago – when the earth cooled, and the huge dominant reptiles couldn’t adapt.  The small warm-blooded mammals – our ancestors – were advantaged.  They could maintain their body temperatures without depending on the environment.  They could survive with far less fuel, because they were small.  They could pass on adaptive habits to their young.  They quickly explored new niches and grew thriving communities.

Enterprises who know how to learn – who do not cling to the ways of the past – who do not depend on the market climate for their vitality - can do the same now.  As the 20th century monsters shrink, let’s re-invent their industries. Let’s be ingenious about including our neighbors who can no longer be employed by them.  Let’s join our thoughtful young president about re-building Main Street.

Commerce is a powerful force.  Let’s reclaim it.

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