Creating a Dance Studio

A lifelong dancer, I came to partner dancing late, and was struck by how powerful it was for me. I could see what was magical for customers, and at the same time how rarely it worked for teachers. For them, it was mostly a struggle. I knew we could do better.

The purpose of the business was to create a community of people with similar passions and desire to generate joy. There was also a strong wish to leave a legacy of not only a memorable experience but a place where dance teachers could thrive, have a viable income, and build a life opposite of “starving artist”.

The best part was bringing people together, building the vision, finding the space, putting the foundational parts in place, and the joy of seeing people on the dance floor with big smiles on their faces and groups of kids experiencing dance maybe for the first time and seeing that they could be successful.

Exiting was easy – the business was for the teachers, and now they own it.

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