Creating Strategic Intent

A global leader in education innovation was practicing social media without purpose.

I helped them realize the value of developing social competencies, and went on to develop strategic, well-trained and effective social media (especially Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and blog) activities, relationships and programs. I provided Playbooks - guides for employees - to support the business in leveraging 'armies' both within and outside of the organization itself.

The organization enjoyed great results:

  • Moved from ad hoc social marketing to strategic social support and engagement in 10 months
  • Launched 27 school Facebook pages that provided support and collaboration among parents and state schools
    • School page fans grew 259%
    • 16,639 active fans engaging weekly during enrollment season
  • Moved from 16,000 fans in May to more than 60,000 fans in October – organically
    • Grew K12’s Facebook site 117%
    • 18,854 active fans engaging weekly during enrollment season
  • 20% of the company’s website visitors were being referred via social media during the height of enrollment season.
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