Agile Strategies

Dan Montgomery

Dan is a trainer and consultant dedicated to advancing the art and science of strategy management. His passion is transforming complex models to simple, repeatable process that create high performing organizations.

With a gentle, humorous, yet provocative style, Dan addresses the challenges leaders face building organizations, facing sustainability, transparency, and accountability, technological change, and innovation. His work integrates traditional planning disciplines with emerging perspectives about value, leadership, and social networks.

Founder of Agile-Strategies, past Director of Innovation for the Balanced Scorecard Institute, veteran of both Accenture and Ernst & Young, and certified in GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework, Dan has led commercial, government and non-profit organizations to improved strategic focus, metrics, alignment, transparency, and resilience.

Dan education includes an MBA from the University of Colorado, a Masters in Psychology from Naropa University, in Boulder, Colorado, plus study
with a number of pioneers in the field of Systems Thinking.

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