Getting Decisions to Stick - and beyond

In 1999, we introduced SmartWork collaborative skills and protocols to reinforce a new decision-making process in a small division of a premier chip manufacturer.
A new organizational story emerged from that training: they became, “An organization that makes and keeps commitments.” Over the succeeding 12 years, we've been delighted to see them growing their story to become, “The platform that holds the rest of the organizational ingredients together.”
It's a marvelous example of how a compelling story can influence an organization entirely out of proportion to its hierarchical power.

Emerging from our initial training, the group's goal became "Organizational Excellence:" improved accountability supported by consistent behavior, increased leadership skills, and "flawless execution" of complex manufacturing processes. In response to employee feedback, committed managers developed a Management Discipline and Accountability document which incorporated many of the Smart Work skills as the standard for manager behavior. Their internally-developed training supporting desired behaviors is still revisited within the division, keeping key skills fresh.

In 2002, those skills supported the division through a redesign of how products are developed and a transition to globally dispersed, around-the-clock development teams, along with a significant cut-back in resources.
Despite these changes, the organization delivered double the number of SKU's to market, grew its volume almost 40% and its market share almost 50% while cutting costs nearly in half. In 2004, this division delivered 20 MU and became a $1B business within this $35 B business.

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