How We Work

We’re all about business fitness: yours and ours.

We look for a great fit before we go to work with clients. After three decades of experience, it’s clear that’s what gets the best results.

We customize every project, including who can best contribute, looking for the biggest bang for your buck and our calories.

We operate as a virtual company, each in our own favorite location. We’re happy to work remotely or on site, as it serves you best.

Our sweet spot is working shoulder to shoulder creating your future, while your people build competence. We’re coaches, thinking partners, facilitators, educators, consultants, and deliverers: 1/1 or with your entire workforce. What’s required of us changes from moment to moment. And we’re fit for that.

We like to spark employees’ curiosity and ingenuity with short, fun processes that open new windows of opportunity. We build skills and capacity to serve and to lead, and to stay in shape to meet the demands of modern business.

Our fees are based on your desired outcomes. If it looks like partnering with us will yield a better chance of achieving them, we’ll design a potential project, propose a fee for our work as well as your investment of time and energy to build new practices and track results.

We’d love to see you fit enough to enjoy a shifting environment

Can we talk about it?


Are You Fit to Thrive in Any Economy?