Social Marketing

Janet Johnson

Janet is a pioneer. When social media was no more than a blip on most marketers’ radar screens, in 2004, she launched the groundbreaking “Paybloggers” program for Marqui, and it went "viral" – years before that term became associated with amazing results.

Her integrated sales and marketing programs have generated record results. In one example, she increased leads count by 1150% in one year, establishing market leadership and paving the way for favorable acquisition.

Delighting in finding simplicity in complex situations, her experience includes direct marketing, branding and positioning, and communications. She loves to harness the power of technology to engage in more meaningful – and profitable – relationships with consumers.

Happiest on the edge – she excels at shepherding organizations through social, mobile, and local brand and business conversations, and takes particular joy in launching new entrants through coaching, training, guidelines and guardrails.

After studying Psychology and Political Science at Western Washington University, Janet held key marketing positions with a number of top technology companies including Apple, Enron (yes, she has stories; no, not the ones you might think,) Now Software, and Merant. She has counseled B2B and B2C organizations, retail companies, ad agencies, and other consumer-facing businesses including K12, Hanne Andersson, Sur la Table, J Walter Thompson, DreamBox Learning, Mambo Media and The InterAgency Development Bank.

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