Leadership and Regulators Get the Job Done

I was appointed as the HR partner to a newly formed leadership team in a Fortune 100 company. The senior leader had come from outside the organization and was new to the culture. The group had recently been rated Unsatisfactory by federal regulators, and there had been demands from top management as well as commitments to a timeframe for resolving that situation and moving the group to Satisfactory. The senior leader wanted to go farther than that – to become recognized as the best in the country.

In three years, they reached “Satisfactory.” In five years, the Feds indicated that they were close to being rated “Strong”.

I identified the highest points of leverage, influenced the right people to support the changes, pulled the right resources together and galvanized action: keys to boosting organizational effectiveness. My HR team set a vision for our client organization: creating a positive employee experience from pre-employment to exit interview - for the sake of moving and growing the organization and the individuals into a more vital future.

The leadership team galvanized around building foundational pieces that made sense to the employee population. They provided muscle to the management team to get the right people in place, compensate them correctly, create a performance management culture and a professional learning environment where skill could be built and tested and people could grow.

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