Leadership Development

Lisa Marshall

Lisa is known for bringing leaders’ stories to life: whether an exec who wants to put the magic back – or create new magic - in her technology business, an engineer who wants to work in an organization where people honor their commitments, an entrepreneur who wants to spark a renaissance in his community with a brewpub, or the trio who want to start a custom butcher facility for small animal producers.

Lisa created The Smart Work Company® in 1999 to prepare leaders, teams and organizations to be heroes doing their best work. Her leadership coaching is a mix of holding a safe container in which the client can do the hard work of growing to the next level, and challenging them to be bigger than they think they can be. 'Unconditional love with an edge,' one client called it.

  • Developing compelling and dynamic stories for organizations, communities and individuals;
  • Motivating leaders to prepare for the best;
  • Aligning organizations or communities to deliver;
  • Improving collaboration and team function;
  • Employing coordinated coaching for culture change.

A nationally recognized authority on leadership maturity and the use of story in the workplace, she has consulted for Intel, The Inter-American Development Bank, The Army Corps of Engineers, Capital One, EDS, Hewlett Packard, NASA, Taiwan Semiconductor and the Dept. of Agriculture, as well as small firms. She has coached at Intel, KPMG, Booz-Allen Hamilton, Accenture, the Department of Energy and EDS. Her pro-bono work explores ways to create vital, vibrant local economies that can withstand the roller-coaster ride of globalism.

After Bennington College, Lisa spent 12 years producing educational/ documentaries illuminating social change. Moving into business, she certified in Conversation-Based Assessment™, Syntax Communication Modeling, Ontological Coaching, Somatic Coaching and Transition Management, coaching full-time since 1999.

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