Business Agility

Marsha Shenk

Marsha builds leadership skills and working environments that embrace learning, inspire best work, and welcome change as opportunity.

Leaders from the Fortune 10 to micro-business have developed sustainable agility with Marsha's applications of Game Theory, Ecosystem mapping, and her own Master Moves.

She coined the term "Business Anthropology" in the 1990's, on the understanding that commerce, society, and the brain co-evolved. Her passion
is de-mystifying the principles that govern commerce, empowering people to bring their full ingenuity to the great human game of helping each other thrive.

Marsha works with colleagues from multiple disciplines to ensure top tier thinking. Her work has included 15 years of teaching leadership, and 36+ of consulting, coaching, and facilitating.

Starting at Reed College, her education includes doctoral study at UCLA and Berkeley, as well as numerous post-graduate courses. Marsha is an active member of the Society for Affective Science.

Are You Fit to Thrive in Any Economy?