Cultivating Business Agility

Half or full-day workshop

The structure and function of the brain have a great deal to
do with what happens - and does not happen - in your business.
This practical workshop will show you how to employ key insights from Neuroscience and Business Anthropology to promote enterprise Agility.

A modern productive worker is someone who does a great job in figuring out what to do next. ~ Seth Godin 10/15/12

Our pre-frontal cortex 'executive function' is capable of delightful feats of ingenuity and innovation under the right circumstances. And it shuts down under others. Unfortunately, a number of factors in modern life frequently minimize that function;indeed, many such triggers are unwittingly baked into business operations.

This workshop will build your awareness of those factors, and show you how to put the brain's highly sensitive 'wiring' to work for your entire Business Ecosystem. You can quickly learn to employ key advantages that fuel loyalty, resilience and right-time value.

You'll learn the do's and don'ts Business Agility: metrics, infrastructure, management practices and cultural anchors. The full day workshop includes application and practice.

This workshop is ideal for leaders at all levels.

Are You Fit to Thrive in Any Economy?