Sustaining Thought Leadership: a Boutique Consulting Firm Holds its Own in a Market of Goliaths

Looking back on 32 years of practice, it’s clear that much of my best work involves working with innovators and thought leaders. I love hearing their dreams and employing my tools to bring them to fruition.

A big part of the challenge is also the opportunity: innovators see what others don’t. Thus they can lead the market with new value IF they can figure out how to make the benefits recognizable and compelling. I never forget that the Incas literally did not see the Spanish ships. Would-be market leaders often fall into a black hole if they cannot quickly make their value visible.

Keys to making an innovative offer irresistible:

  • Choosing a target segment who want something they can’t quite grasp
  • Deeply understanding both what they want and why they don’t already have it
  • Envisioning a solution whose costs are in line with proposed benefits
  • Articulating the benefit in their language
  • Providing manageable stepping stones to achieve it.
  • Working with a client with a great track record in consumer marketing, we had a chance to lay the groundwork for direct marketing of Pharmaceuticals to consumers. Even now - 14 years after FDA approval - the industry legacy of focusing on sales to physicians runs deep. Pharma marketing departments remain stuck in internal political quagmire, compounded by the limits of what they learned in B school, while the age of Consumer Power gallops ahead.
    As frustrating as that is to a gifted brand champion, my client’s ongoing ability to move consumers, combined with their deep Pharma experience, makes their boutique consultancy invaluable.

    Each year we re-assess what industry marketers have learned, and we re-articulate what it takes to engage savvy consumers with Pharma brands. Each year the Founder is asked to write articles and speak at conferences about Healthcare marketing to consumers, and she finds new ways to reveal what is required – in their language, using their examples.
    By providing what Pharma marketers want, plus turbo-factors that they cannot quite articulate on their own, this small Firm sustains thought leadership in a huge, highly competitive industry.

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