Waldorf School

I was called by the newly appointed chief of staff at the Waldorf school in Vancouver. Her goal was to engage teachers in making it a great school.
Those teachers were passionate about their work, the children, and the methods they employ: the type of people you would want your kids to learn from. However, they were stuck in stories about the history of the school – preventing the kind of vitality that would engage parents to pay for excellent education.

The old stories were reflected in the condition of the school and the classrooms. It was a poverty mentality, clear from messy classrooms, un-kept gardens, paint peeling off the walls, etc. The conversation about ‘not having any money’ also fed and was fed by granting far too many scholarships. New parents and new students were not attracted to the program.

I collaborated with the head of the school, a few teachers with a future vision, and the chief of staff. We designed an offsite to bring forward the “elephants in the room” that were keeping the school from growing and moving forward.

During the course of two days - using many of their own teaching tenets plus my magic coaxing out demons and creating future - we designed steps that the entire faculty agreed upon and committed to. They went back to the school and make meaningful changes to both physical conditions and their internal dynamics.

The result was more new parents and students, enabling the growth they sought. A new arts center is under construction. They’re on their way.

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